Plastic Sprayer Pre Pressure THEMA 2lt


Capacity of 2 liters. Xeirokinitos pressure sprayer, practical and strong. It requires no special maintenance beyond the usual rinse at the end of the usage. Useful at home, balcony, garden, hobbies and activities. When required evaporates, with minimal effort, relatively small quantities of liquids.

Plastic Sprayer Pre Pressure GAMMA 5lt


Shoulder Sprayer with a tank capacity of 5 liters, advanced design and manufacturing.

Plastic Sprayer BackPack 16lt


Plastic Backpack Sprayer Capacity 16lt. available in two types:

  • Sprinklers with plastic piston
  • Sprinklers with brass piston

For optimal maintenance rinsing, it is required after the pump: it is important to avoid accumulation of impurities in the parts of steel or brass. The plastic parts are stabilized to resist rays UV.

Pulverizer BackPack


Tank capacity of 12 liters. Net weight 3.5kg.