Ideal for cutting any type of wet or dry plant residue ensuring excellent performance in terms of speed work.

They can be used for production of wood chips for use as a fuel: the specific cutting system of the machine allows to obtain a very homogenous powdered wood with sizes suited for feeding certain types of biomass boilers.

ZE 400T1

16hp and over PTO 540rpm
Required power:
Number of Knives:
Maximum Cutting Diameter (cm):
Rotor Diameter:
Rotor Width :

One of the strengths that distinguish shredders ZENIA is the width of the loading spout ( hopper ) , which remains large even at the cutting point , this means that the machine is able to grind especially leafy material such as pruning of olive etc. Avoid blockages and allows the grinding of large amounts of material in each load with a significant reduction in working time . The working time reduction occurs not only on the speed of the milling machine , and the fact that the operator does not have to chop the material before its introduction into the hopper . Important feature also is the width of the exhaust pipe allows the machine to easily upload , even if the shredded material is characterized by significant levels of moisture ( eg green leaves , garden waste , etc. ) . The width of the exhaust pipe connected to the height and mass reaches 190 cm from the floor ( extendable on request up to 2.3 meters) in order to download the shredded material directly into a body .

Distinguishing features :

Compact and very rugged construction .
Metal frame ensures durability .
Powerful chipper with great cutting ability .
Large hopper .
Made in Italy .

Table of featuresZE 400T1