Trimmer STRONG

Ø1.6 - 15m
Ø2.4 - 15m/ 100m
Ø2.7 -15m
Ø3.0 - 15m/ 70m/ 266m
Ø3.3 - 15m/ 50m/ 214m
Ø4.0 - 35m
Ø4.5 - 30m
Ø3.0 - 50m
Ø3.3 - 40m/ 160m
Ø4.0 - 30m/ 110m/ 150m
Ø4.5 - 20m

High quality and strength suitable for any type of cutting. Available in blister – packages or spools accordingly the size.


Ø2.4 - 100m
Ø3.0 - 70m/ 250m/ 1240m
Ø3.5 - 40m/ 180m/ 910m
Ø4.0 - 35m/ 140m / 700m
Ø3.0 - 50m/ 980m
Ø3.5 - 40m/ 720m
Ø4.0 - 26m
Ø4,4 - 0,30m (συσκ. 24τεμ.)

Trimmer super-professional. Made from the finest materials, selected by users for its great quality, strength and flexibility. Suitable for any type of cutting and at any temperature.

High Strength Trimmer DOUBLE STRONG

Ø3.0 - 12.2m/ 56m/ 1240m
Ø3.5 - 12.2m/ 41m/ 910m

Coaxial trimmer super – professional. The Double Strong is the first double trimmer special high strength  for all trimmers.  It has an internal minor diameter of a traditional wire , resulting in lasting twice . Made of special material, it has an inner core resistant to breaking and a coating durable to the outdoor wear and it is considered as the most appropriate to deal with the pitfalls that a trimmer must endure .

The resistance / resilience to breakage and wear , allows you to get the same results using a trimmer of smaller diameter .

Table of featuresHigh Strength Trimmer DOUBLE STRONG

Coaxial Trimmer

Ø3.0 - 10m/ 52m/ 279m
Ø3,5 - 8m/ 38m/ 205m
Ø4.0 - 29m
Ø3.0 - 9m/ 41m/ 221m
Ø3.5 - 6m/ 30m/ 162m
Ø4.0 - 23m

Coaxial Trimmer of reinforced nylon circular and square section . Suitable for professional use, made from materials that are considered ideal for the production of super quality trimmer . Much more resistant to wear and vibration from a traditional Trimmer , used by conservators of green for technique and strength who consider it appropriate to deal with the pitfalls that a cut wire has to suffer . Ability to use it in all types of heads even automatic, since the surface has a film that avoids fusion and welding -induced by the vibration that transmit from the head to the trimmer.

Toothed Trimmer NYLSAW

Ø3.0 - 12m/ 37m
Ø3.5 - 9m/ 27m
Ø4.0 - 7m/ 21m

Professional Trimmer with special design and unique square section with 2 toothed edges are very ” aggressive ” . Fits virtually all types of heads available on the market , and is produced with high quality materials , making it durable and flexible to use. From the tests carried out to maintain the green , the trimmer NYLSAW demonstrated excellent performance , apparently because its edges are toothed , making it more aggressive than the traditional , allowing rapid implementation of any work .

Τwisted Trimmer

Ø3.3 - 37m
Ø3.9 - 26m
Ø4.3 - 21m

Twisted black trimmer the best use for the professional. It is perhaps the best in its class, suitable for use in any trimmer.