The “G” series electric gear pumps have been developed for the transfer of all non-aggressive everyday viscous liquids, the viscosity of which at 40° is between 1° Engler (example: water, oil - only intermittent duty to prevent overheating) and 7° Engler (SAE 30 engine oil or SAE 80 gearbox oil). The liquids must be clean without suspended particles. These pumps are suitable for the transfer of water, wine, olive-oil, milk or diesel and synthetic or mineral oil.
The electric gear pumps are capable of sucking liquids up to a maximum drop difference of 2 meters without the need of filling. If the drop difference is greater, a non-return valve can be positioned at the end of the suction pipe which must then be filled as far as the pump. To increase the suction capacity of the pump, pour approximately 10 ml of the liquid to be transferred into the pump. The pump should in any case be positioned close to the container of the liquid to be transferred. The pump could be damaged if it runs dry for more than 10 seconds

BE-G 20

2850 r.p.m.
0,8 hp
220 V
2 bar
Maximum Pressure:
1750 lt/h
Maximum Supply: