The company AGEM SA was founded in 1994 as a private enterprise and since 2008 continues as an S.A. and operates continuously. Headed by Mr. Michael Loukrezi, who is in the business since 1974, has gained a great experience especially in the field of pumps and has conquered a significant part of the Greek Market.


In this long course, was one of the very fastest growing companies in the industry, having managed to become synonymous with reliability and high service level.

The company business today spans a wide range of products for professional and amateur use, with basic object water pumps and garden machines. Represents and imports types of the most famous mainly European Brands at the fields of :

  • Underwater Pumps Clean - Sewage Water
  • Surface Pumps
  • Pressure Vessels & Accessories
  • Control Panels & Inverters
  • Unit Pumps
  • Washing Machines
  • Olive Harvesting Machines
  • Winemaking
  • Brushcutters & Accessories
  • Hammers
  • Uniaxial Tractors
  • Trimmers
  • Feed Machinery
  • Wood Cutting Machine
  • Generating Sets
  • Spraying Units


The Company's aim is to provide high quality and reliability at the most affordable prices. At the twenty consecutive years in the field has a growing sales network throughout Greece. All clients are provided with full after sales service and enduring legacy of genuine parts for all products.

 Today, in a constantly changing business environment,  AGEM SA continues always to evolve in the best service and accountability for its customers.